Android Apps

  TAKEphONE contacts dialer:

TAKEphONE TAKEphONE contacts dialer will change the way you use your phone to
make calls - no more fiddling with the tiny keyboard buttons
to search for contacts, fast & easy access to all your
favorites, call-log and even a dial-by-photo feature !...

  TAKEphONE widget:

TAKEphONE Finally it's here!
A widget for TAKEphONE - the best telephony application.
This widget will display 5 "dial by photo" buttons for speed dial, and the last call for easy callback/redial.
New: you can set it so when you tap last call or i-Bar button a menu pops up where you can select to call/sms/open details.

  VLC Remote 1.01:

VLC RemoteVLC Remote lets you control your VLC Media Player
on your Mac, PC or Linux machine.
VLC is a great, free and popular media player.
VLC Remote lets you sit back and let it handle the movies
while you control things from your easy chair.

iPhone Apps

  TAKEphONE Gold:

TAKEphONE Gold  TAKEphONE will change the way you use your phone to make calls -
  no more scrolling through multiple pages to get to those last alphabet contacts,
  or to the top search field, no more efforts to tap...

  TAKEphONE Gold adds even more power with the "i-Bar" (dial by photo)
  and the "Last call" lines.